Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Chatroom

Hello My dear friends and visitors, to better strengthen the relationship between us, I think it is necessary to add a new future on this blog the Chatroom. This Chatroom is very useful for all of my friends and the visitors here because it is real time unlike the existing shoutbox delay.

On the Layout you can see how many visitors/guests are online at present time.
All you have to do is just press the (+) button and enter your name, enter your desired password, and then click on register your name.

If so, you can directly use the chatroom to communicate between other visitors here, and even to promote your site among us or to the visitors here.

Ok then, until here first, please enjoy this new future.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Google

This Morning i want to check my backlink on google search, and you know what i found? Its Google 11 years Birthday Annyversary. In This Ocasion i want to say Happy Birthday dear Google, and all the Best For Google and all of us.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guangzhou History

Dear my friends and visitor, In Order to welcome the 60 years founded day of china anniversary on 1st October 2009, hereby i want to share the story about my city. I hope this little story will adding a little knowledge about my city Guangzhou.

Guangzhou or simplified chinese name 广州 (Canton) and also known as Kwangchou is located in southern part of People's Republic of China (PRC); Many people is taken wrong and about this city. This city is not a province, but its a sub provincial city and the capital of Guangdong Province. The city is a major port of the Pearl River Delta, heading to the South China Sea, and is located only about 120 km (75 miles) northwest of Hong Kong, and Guangzhou is the third most populous metropolitan area in mainland China. The official estimate of the metropolitan area's population at end 2006 by the provincial government was 9,754,600. Guangzhou's urban land area is the third largest in China, rank only after Beijing and Shanghai.

Since Guangzhou is located on at 112°57'E to 114°3'E and 22°26'N to 23°56'N in the south, our climate is a humid subtropical climate influenced by the Asian monsoon. In the summer just a few days passed away, we have Summers with wet and high temperatures high humidity and a high heat index. Winters are mild, dry and sunny and no snow, this is the most i like about my city hihihi.

Guangzhou became a part of China in the 3d century B.C. The first known city built at the site of Guangzhou was Panyu founded in 214 BC. The city has been continuously occupied since that time. Panyu was expanded when it became the capital of the Nanyue Kingdom in 206 BC.

In 111 BC the Han Dynasty annexed Nanyue , and Panyu became a provincial capital and remains so until this day. In 226 AD, the city however became the seat of the Guang Prefecture (廣州 Guangzhou). Therefore, "Guangzhou" was the name of the prefecture, not of the city. However, people grew accustomed to calling the city Guangzhou, instead of Panyu hihihi.

The Nation of Hindu and Arab merchants reached Guangzhou in the 10th century, and the city became the first Chinese port regularly visited by European traders. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive to the city by sea, establishing a monopoly on the external trade out of its harbor by 1511. But, they were later expelled from their settlements in Guangzhou, but instead granted use of Macau as a trade base with the city in 1557. Portuguese in Macau, Spanish in Manila, and Armenians and Muslims from India were already actively trading in the port by the 1690s, they would keep a near monopoly of foreign trade in the region until the arrival of the Dutch in the early seventeenth century.

In the 18th century the French and English British East India ships began frequenting the port. Trading, however, was restricted until the Treaty of Nanjing (1842) following the Opium War between Britain and China. The treaty opened four new treaty ports, allowing British merchants to trade in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, and Shanghai in addition to Guangzhou and which opened the city to foreign trade.

By the middle of the 18th century, Guangzhou had become as one of the world's great trading ports under the 13 Factories, which was a distinction it maintained until the outbreak of the Opium Wars in 1839 and the opening of other ports in China in 1842. The privilege during this period made Guangzhou one of the top 3 cities in the world.

Nowadays As labor costs increased in Hong Kong, manufacturers owner opened their new plants in the cities of Guangdong province including Guangzhou. As the largest city in one of China's wealthiest provinces, Guangzhou attracts farmers from the countryside looking for job in the factory. Cantonese links to overseas Chinese and beneficial tax reforms of the 1990s have aided my city's growth rapidly.

Today, my city had a suburb underground railway Guangzhou Metro (MRT). The first line of Guangzhou Metro opened in 1997, Guangzhou is the fourth city in Mainland China which have an underground railway system, instead of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. Currently the underground network is made up of four lines, covering a total length of 116 km, while another four lines are under construction and must be completed in 2010 before the Asian Games. A long term plan is to make the city's underground system expand over 500 km by 2020 with 15 lines in operation.

If we want to go to Hongkong is easy, we can use Express fast train. Express trains depart from the Guangzhou East railway station Gǔangzhōu Dōngzhàn and arrive at the Hung Hom KCR station in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The route is approximately 182 km in length and the journey takes less than two hours.

Other transportation is ferry service including an overnight steamer service, which takes eight hours, an also high-speed catamaran service which takes three hours, to the China Ferry Terminal or Macau Ferry Pier in Hong Kong. We depart from Nansha Pier located in the distant Nansha District outside the city centre, is also operating six daily 75-minute catamaran services to Hong Kong.

That's all i think that i can share with all of you, see you on my next post, thank you.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Awards from friend / 颁奖到博客好友 7

This Awards is came from my best friend also Ares Shadux's Team 1999
Thank you my friend.


As Usual i will Quote the Rules here :
We, bloggers come from different nationalities all over the world. It is such a wonder that we are united because of blogging. This tag is made to know the nationality you are proud to have. I am enjoining all the bloggers to join this tag. Let us see how long we can make this list.

Here are the rules:

1. Copy this entire post but appropriately acknowledge the tag giver.

2. Link your and your blog's name (that is, put your and your blog's name plus the URL) and add the nationality that you have e. g Filipino, Finnish, American, Canadian, etc.)

3. Tag as many bloggers as you can so we can generate a long list here.

4. Return here and give me a comment or a message to include you in the masterlist.

5. If you have multiple blogs, you may copy this tag in all your sites but please include only one blog of yours in each post.

6. Update your masterlist by coming back here.

7. This tag will not only help us know the bloggers we keep in touch in the blogosphere but will also help build traffic to our sites.

MASTERLIST: (List down your nationality here. The first one has been done for you).

1. Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods

1. Ares Shadux's Team 1999

1. - 一个一个的部落格寂寞

Now, I am passing this tag to Lusalary, Laikepo, Fran, Joergi, IVANNA, Valter, Carlos, Burn, Richard, CheMik, Marifen, Doreen, Chandelier, Chloeling, KG Paris, Mommymayonaise, Goceng, Dracola, BizriL, Un-Label, The Lawrenz, Mizhelle, Miauwruu, Muba-Rock.

For Those, who named on the list please take the award and follow the rules, Thank you...!!!

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Another Awards from friend / 颁奖到博客好友 6


Again I have Rewarded a Very Nice award from my best friend NURA in Al-Jubail Saudi Arabia

Thank You Very Much dear... Now Should anybody here is wanting this award, please take it and reported to me and my best friend NURA in Al-Jubail Saudi Arabia.

The awards is like these, which one do you like, please have your self if you want it.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Music Collection Mp3 Player

Find more music like this on 一个一个的部落格寂寞心

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo

Hello dear friends and visitor. Last night I received an email from a friend of mine Ivana Taves (pls Visit her site, ok?) asking me about one of the my video music favorite title and who is the female singer who sang that song. So, I have explained all of the music video here to her, and I told her also that my most favorite video is video no 6 from you tube, sang by Sammi Cheng – the title is Sarajevo's Romeo and Juliet (translated).

Well, tell you the truth, that email really inspired me to make a post about that video music (thanks Ivana). This video music (you should like it) is based on the true love story of Romeo and Juliet of Balcan (Serbia and Bosnia) war victims in 1993 and was became an international issued. They became a symbol for the suffering of the people on all sides of the conflict. Photographs of their dead bodies were used by numerous media outlets.

According of the sources that I was read, Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo was an international documentary about the deaths of Admira Ismić (born 1968) (Bosnian) and Boško Brkić (born 1968) (Serbian Orthodox). The couple were natives of the former Yugoslavia, living in the city of Sarajevo. Like many other couples and families in Bosnia, they were of different religious backgrounds; she was a Bosnian Muslim, and he was a Serbian.

The Siege of Sarajevo caused living conditions to deteriorate drastically for its inhabitants and, in 1993, the couple decided to flee the city. Having friends on all sides involved in the conflict there was a general thought that their passage through the city and its infamous Sniper Alley could be a safe one.

Confident that they had guarantees of safety, An arrangement was made for May 19, 1993 at 17:00 (GMT +01:00) that no one would fire as the couple approached. Admira and Bosko walked from Bosnian government frontlines in the heart of the city, between buldings bristling with guns, toward Serb-held Grbavica. They planned to go to Belgrade and end on to try a life abroad.

According to Dino Kapin, who was a Commander of Croatian Unit allied at the time with Bosnian Army forces, around 17:00, a man and a woman were seen approaching the Vrbana bridge.

As soon as they were at the foot of the bridge, a shot was heard, and according to all sides involved in their passage, the boy and girl were shot down. Bosnian Moslem Admira Ismic and Bosnian Serb Bosko Brckic, both 25, died trying to escape Sarajevo.

The bullet hit Boško Brkić first and killed him instantaneously. Another shot was heard and the woman screamed, fell down wounded, but was not killed yet. She crawled over to her boyfriend body, cuddled him, hugged him, (finally, they hugged tightly) and she died. A pair of lovers lying on the shore of Sarajevo Miljacka River on (Vrbana bridge), and then stopped breathing. They were killed on May 19, 1993, while fleeing the besieged city on Vrbanja bridge.

It was observed that she was still alive for at least 15 minutes after the shooting.. Their bodies remained in the no-man's land (over Vrbana bridge) for nearly four days before being recovered.

According to a report by Sean Maquire from Reuters three years after they died for love, the Muslim girl and Serb boy whose fate symbolized the madness of Sarajevo's ethnic division have been brought home. The bodies of Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic were exhumed from an untended grave in a Serb military cemetary and sent back to the reunified city whose wartime horrors they tried to flee.

They will be buried side by side today in Sarjevo's Lion cemetery in graves within sight of the cafe where they courted. Lowering the coffins into their final resting place will mark the end of a journey that began in hope in May 1993.

"Some people don't realize the greatness of their death," said Admira's father, Zijah Ismic. "He stayed in Sarajevo because of her, and she wanted to reward him by leaving with him to the Serb side."

Zijah and his wife, Nera, found Serb friends to exhume their daughter and the boy they treasured as a son from territory that the war's end has net yet made safe to visit. "At first I didn't want to disturb them in their peace, but my wife and mother insisted we get them back so that people can come to their graves and visit them," Zijah said.

The couple were sweet-hearts for eight years before their deaths at age 25. They grew up in a city where inter-ethnic marriage was common until nationalist hatred blossomed. "If they'd had religion on their mind they wouldn't have been together," said Zijah of her Muslim daughter and her Orthodox Serb boyfriend. Today's funeral will be nonsectarian.

Source : CNN Mission Piece, S.F. Chronicle Wikipedia
 Original photograph by Mark Milstein

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“有些人不知道他们的死亡伟大,说:”阿德米拉的父亲,Zijah伊斯米奇。 “他留在萨拉热窝,因为她,她想奖励他留下的塞族一方他。”

Zijah和他的妻子,挪拉,发现塞族朋友,以挖掘他们的女儿和一个男孩,他们从领土,战争的结束净儿子珍惜尚未作出安全的访问。 “起初我不想打扰他们,在他们的和平,但我的妻子和母亲,我们坚持让他们回来,使市民可以到坟墓并访问他们,”Zijah说。

甜蜜的夫妇为8年的心在25岁之前,他们的死亡。他们生长在一个城市,种族间的婚姻是很普遍的民族仇恨,直到开花。 “如果他们想在他们的头脑,他们就没有在一起的宗教,说:”穆斯林的女儿,她和她的男友Zijah塞族东正教。今天的葬礼将在派系。

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Favorite Video Music 2

Hello dear my friend, I don't know why this lonely feeling is coming to me again, after so many time i did not feel and remember it. It was happened when i was blog walking around this morning, when i jumped from one blog to the other, i found a blog that was played this song........., my memories went back when we are still being couple together sometimes ago, hanging around and dance salsa almost every night in latin bar in China. So to keep this memories alive inside my heart i will share this video to you all my friend here, i hope you would like this memorable song of me and someone that i truly deep in loved with.... nangih V O L A R E ...........

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Awards from friend / 颁奖到博客好友 5

Another awards again? Wow...

Mommy Mayonnaise

This award came from Mommy Mayonnaise but this award is came from and to female blogger only alias for gals not for you guys hihihihi.... so i must distribute again to my lovely female blogger friend of mine, hope you dont disappointed guys....

And as usual i will Quote from the original issuer about the rule and regulation bellow:


I Receive a unique award recently. Read more and you will find why i called this unique. I Got this award from Yunie, including a unique game to do and post as well. This is cute award i think and i would like to share this award too for hot female blogger out there.

Then here is the game:

1. Give this award to other female blogger you know complete with the reason why.
2. Do not forget to give a link back to the person who gave you this award
3. Try to googling this phrase: "[your name] needs"
4. Choose the top ten of the results and post it on your article
5. Find out the results..


Well, I choose to use my real name: teetee (三通三通) instead of morika, because if i am using morika it come with no result.

And these are my results:

1. TeeTee getting ready for work TeeTee needs some TLC
2. TeeTee needs to get better
3. TeeTee needs help picture published by jeanieg6
4. TeeTee needs help pictures, videos, images and albums from Webshots.
5. TEETEE needs their medication!!! Never seen posting turrets before!!! Take a deep breath The guys in white will take care of you!
6. TeeTee needs to be in other sitcoms! »» yeah its because of health reasons but she said she will still b representin the big girls ...
7. TeeTee needs to ... Man TeeTee needs to be in other sitcoms! yeah its because of ... yeah its because of health reasons but she said she will still b ...
8. TeeTee needs to take her vitamins. so i flip on the computer and go to .CA and look for sad sick people like me! PMed me up and let me know that my T&S love (huwaa)
9. TeeTee needs to take her vitamins.(again)...
10.TeeTee needs to be washed alot............................real ...

See? Hmm Its a fun game hihihihi

And according to my opinion, the hottest female blogger that i choose to receive and should share to their 10 hottest female blogger friend is :

1. Mom Lina
2. DorothyL
3. Kitties Haven
4, Puppy-Doggy
5. Narti
6. Amiable Amy
7. Tey
8. Emie
9. Nophie's Corner
11. To be inform

For those who named on the list please take the award and follow the instruction, thank you...

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