Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Awards from friend / 颁奖到博客好友 8

Hi Friend, and visitor, on this end of the month i have received an award from my friend Raxen (pls also do visit him), Thank you very much Raxen. As i have a time now i will publish it now.

Originaly this award come from Desfirawita, and now to me. As i have mentioned on the last post about awards, here i mentioned again. Awards meaning is something given to a person or a group of people to recognize excellence in a certain field; a certificate of excellence. So we should appreciated to the person whom give us awards.

So now its my turn to share this award to 10 (ten) or even more of my beloved friend here. But i am confusing which one is i choose hihihi. So because i dont want to make other friend jealous, upset or hard feelings, i choose this option.

I will give it to all of my friends who is willing to accept sincerely from heart, because at least this award will give you benefits linked from 3 blog (Me, Raxen, and Desfirawita) if you posted and attach our name to linked back. So its all at yours Decision to make.  All you have to do is just add Raxen, me after the Desfirawita name. Change the Raxen name above (on the first Paragraph) with my name.

If you willing to accept this award, just inform me on the comment of this post and please copy paste this article and edit it to put your name on it and post it.

Thank you my friends i am waiting for your response, and to Raxen thank you very much for your appeciate.

PS: at 2009/11/30 As i received request from my blogger friends hereby i nominate this award for my friends:

1. Joergi
2. Sariful

Should you want your named to be added here, just write down on this comment post. I will add you soon. Thank you.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

China Deployed Warship To Somalia

Meet again in the new post. This time i want to share this information which is think its important for everybody to know about this news. Our government is finally deployed our new naval warship to join the last 3 warship in gulf of aden and waters off the coast of Somalia to protect merchant vessels against rampant pirates that still hold a Chinese ship for ransom.

As you all have known that Somalia is become a dangerous country include their off coast waters for the shipping line around the world. Somalia is well known now for its hijacking and pirating with detain ships asking for ransom.
They have tried once to hijack the our fishing ship MV Zhenhua 4 owned by China Communications Construction on lat year Desember 2008, on their way back to Shanghai, but deterred as crews radioed for help. The 30 crew members fought for four hours after nine pirates armed with rocket launchers and heavy machine guns boarded the ship. A Malaysian warship, Sri Indera Sakti and Malaysian military helicopter arrived and fired on the pirates, who fled the scene. No crew members were injured. The crew used water cannons, molotov cocktails and beer bottles to defend against the pirates, whom were fully armed, imagine that, hihihii..

On October 19, 2009, the finally manage to catch our Chinese coal-carrying vessel "De Xin Hai" owned by Cosco Qindaq with 25 crew members on board on her way back home was kidnapped by pirates about 1,000 sea miles away from the patrolling area of Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean. So far all the 25 crew members have been identified as Chinese citizens by the shipping company they worked for. The Ministry of Transport is working on the release of the ship.

Answer of the situation, our government is deployed our newest warship of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on last Friday from Zhoushan to protect merchant vessels against rampant pirates that still hold a Chinese ship DE XIN HAI.

This ship is the fourth task force of its kind that China has sent to the region since the end of last year, Missile frigates FFG-525 Ma'anshan and FFG-526 Wenzhou will relieve the FFG-529 Zhoushan and FFG-530 Xuzhou from the PLA Navy's third flotilla which have patrolled the area since June.

This new warships will join Qiandaohu, a supply ship, which has been on duty in the region for about three months. The fourth warship will have a crew of more than 700, including a special force unit and two ship-borne helicopters.

They would actively take part in international humanitarian rescue missions. It is not immediately known whether the new naval task force will bear a rescue mission for "De Xin Hai", but the two Chinese frigates currently patrolling the area have intensified the frequency of surveillance by shipborne helicopters, skiffs and the special force unit for merchant vessels passing by.

China made an unprecedented move by sending three warships to the Gulf on December 26 last year in the first overseas escort mission for merchant vessels.

The PLA Navy warships have escorted hundreds of domestic and foreign vessels since the first our warship arrived in the region.

I Hope that DE XIN HAI will be relased soon. See you on the next post again dear byee.

Photograph Courtesy of China Daily

Source : China Daily, Wikipedia

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